Release announcement: TablePress 2.3

Coinciding with WordPress 6.5, a new release of TablePress is now available. TablePress 2.3 can now be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory and will show up as an automatic update in the WordPress Dashboard for existing users shortly.

TablePress 2.3 is a feature, stability, maintenance, and compatibility update. Here are the highlights:

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 6.5.
  • Feature: The “Automatic Periodic Table Import” feature module has been rewritten from scratch: It now supports a different import interval or schedule for each table and is much more reliable. (TablePress Max only.) Find out more about synchronizing tables with the “Automatic Periodic Table Import” feature!
  • Enhancement: The import of multiple tables from a ZIP file is more robust and now works independently from the server configuration.
  • Enhancement: The user interface works more reliably even when other plugins insert code on the TablePress screens.
  • Enhancement: The “TablePress table” block settings are less confusing as the unsupported “Alignment” setting was removed.
  • Enhancement: The “Automatic Filter” feature module now uses less-restrictive input filtering, to allow for more filtering terms, e.g. from different alphabets. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)
  • Enhancement: The “About” screen now shows more useful troubleshooting information.
  • Bugfix: The “Column Filter Dropdowns” feature module now properly handles multiple line breaks in table cells. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)
  • Cleaned up and simplified code, for easier future maintenance, to follow WordPress Coding Standards, and to offer helpful inline documentation.
  • Updated external libraries to benefit from enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Automated code compatibility checks and build tools simplify chores for easier development.
  • Premium versions
    • Even more great features for you and your site’s visitors and priority email support are available with a Premium license plan of TablePress. Go check them out!