Release announcement: TablePress 2.2.5

An important security and maintenance release of TablePress is now available. TablePress 2.2.5 can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory and will show up as an update in the WordPress Dashboard for existing users shortly.

Updating to TablePress 2.2.5 is strongly recommend! Changes include:

  • Security fix: The URL import now properly blocks hosts of cloud providers’ metadata API endpoints to prevent data extraction. This low-risk issue was responsibly disclosed by isacaya. Thank you!
  • When importing a table in the Excel format, floating point numbers are now detected and handled more reliably.
  • The detection of the JSON format when importing a table is now more reliable.
  • The “Copy”, “Export”, and “Delete” buttons/links on a table’s “Edit” screen now work again after a table ID was changed.
  • Error messages when a table could not be found and similar are now shown properly in modern themes.
  • The “Automatic Filtering” feature module now also allows using a slash in the filter term. (TablePress Pro and Max only.)
  • The “Debug and Version Information” section was cleaned up and updated with more relevant checks.
  • Updated external libraries to benefit from enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Cleaned up and simplified code, for easier future maintenance, to follow WordPress Coding Standards, and to offer helpful inline documentation.

For changes to previous versions in the TablePress 2.2.x release branch, see the corresponding release announcement.