Release announcement: TablePress 1.6

A couple days ago, WordPress 4.2 was released with many new features, enhancements, and bugfixes. To complement that, I’m happy to announce that a new release of TablePress is now available as well. TablePress 1.6 can now be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory and will show up as an automatic update in the WordPress Dashboard for existing users shortly.

I’d like to say “Thank you!” to all testers, users, and supporters of TablePress, especially those that supported the plugin with a donation or good rating in the WordPress Plugin Directory! Your support is highly appreciated! Thank you very much!

Here is a summary of the changes in TablePress 1.6:

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 4.2
  • Bugfix: Fixed integration of the “Insert Link” dialog.
  • Bugfix: Divisions by zero were not caught properly in formulas in cells.
  • Bugfix: Numbers were sometimes not imported correctly in the Excel importer.
  • Enhancement: Importing files encoded as UTF-16 should work better now.
  • Enhancement: Support dismissible notices in the admin screens.
  • Enhancement: Support better tabbing on the “Edit” screen.
  • Enhancement: Add page cache clearing for the WP Fastest Cache plugin.
  • Enhancement: Add a plugin filter hook that allows modifying the exported data by plugins.
  • Enhancement: Support more CSS3 properties when cleaning “Custom CSS” code.
  • Updated external libraries (CodeMirror, DataTables, Build tools).
  • Added Korean translation.
  • Updated several translations (Chinese (Taiwan), English, German).
  • Many internal changes and fixes for better stability, cleaner code, and documentation.
  • TablePress 1.6 requires WordPress 4.2!

Updates to some TablePress Extensions will also be available soon. Please take a look through the list of Extensions and check if there’s maybe an update available.

If the new TablePress version is helpful for you, please rate TablePress in the WordPress Plugin Directory and consider supporting further TablePress development with a donation. Thank you!