Import and Export Formats

TablePress can import and export tables from and to the following formats:

CSV (Character-separated Values)

Every row is in a new line, every column is separated by a character (like “;” (semicolon), “,” (comma), or “\tab” (tabulator)). The plugin will try to determine the used separation character automatically. See the Wikipedia article for more information on the CSV format.

XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel)

TablePress also supports Microsoft Excel data formats for import (but not export!) of table data. Note that this support is not complete, and not all data features, like data types, are supported or available. Also, TablePress can only import the first worksheet of the Excel file. If you have problems importing tables from XLS or XLSX files, it’s recommend to save these tables in Excel as CSV files and try importing those.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

The plugin will import the first occurrence of an HTML table (enclosed in <table></table>) from an HTML file. It is not possible to import multiple tables from the same file.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)

TablePress can import tables from JSON that represents a plain two-dimensional array of strings, where each string represents the content of a cell. It can also import its custom and more advanced JSON format, as created during the export. See the Wikipedia article for more information on the JSON format.