Release announcement: TablePress 1.8.1

I’m happy to announce that a new release of TablePress is now available. TablePress 1.8.1 can now be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory and will show up as an automatic update in the WordPress Dashboard for existing users shortly.

TablePress 1.8.1 is a stability, security, and maintenance release with these changes:

  • Enhancement: Make HTML import more robust and faster.
  • Enhancement: The HTML import can now import merged cells in a row.
  • Enhancement: Harden the XLSX import against potential security issues (thanks to Yuji Tounai).
  • Enhancement: Allow easier changes to import data for developers, by adding a filter hook.
  • Enhancement: The layout of the TablePress admin screens will look better on small screens.
  • Enhancement: Update list of allowed CSS properties in “Custom CSS”.
  • Enhancement: Reduce size of default CSS, by removing old hacks for Internet Explorer.
  • Updated external libraries (CodeMirror, DataTables, SimpleXLSX, CSSTidy, Build tools).

If TablePress is helpful for you, please rate it in the WordPress Plugin Directory and consider supporting further TablePress development with a donation. Thank you!