Release announcement: TablePress 1.1

It’s my great pleasure to announce the availability of a shiny new release of TablePress. Version 1.1 marks a big milestone and is now available for download in the WordPress Plugin Directory and as an automatic update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Before we get to the details, I’d like to take the time and thank all users and supporters of TablePress, especially those that supported the plugin with a donation or good rating in the WordPress Plugin Directory. TablePress has already been downloaded over 130,000 times and is currently ranking in the Top 20 of the highest rated plugins. Thank you very much!

The most interesting changes in TablePress 1.1 include:

  • Experimental import for Excel files (.xls and .xlsx)
  • More math functions in formulas (including if-conditionals, statistical functions, …)
  • Better “Custom CSS” saving for higher performance
  • Bugfix: Encoding problem during HTML import
  • Bugfix: Roles are now deleted during uninstallation
  • Bugfix: Search for tables was broken, if Shortcode had been changed
  • Plugin Unit Tests for automated code testing
  • Added several new translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Russian, and Turkish)
  • Many more internal improvements of code and usability
  • Updated external libraries

If this update is helpful for you, please rate TablePress in the WordPress Plugin Directory and consider supporting further TablePress development with a donation. Thank you!