Features of the DataTables JavaScript Library

The DataTables JavaScript library, an external jQuery library, is an additional feature to TablePress. It was written by Allan Jardine and has its own website and documentation.

The library can be used to add features like sorting, pagination (with length change feature), scrolling, and filtering/searching to a table. To enable those, check the corresponding checkboxes on the table’s “Edit” screen.

Even more features for the DataTables JS library can be added to TablePress via so-called TablePress Extensions.

You may decide for each table individually whether you want to use the DataTables library for it (see the section Table Options for more), and you can select the desired features individually.

The library’s JavaScript file is located in the subfolder “js” of the plugin folder. It uses the jQuery library (which is included in WordPress and will be loaded automatically in the head of every page of your site).

You can add custom commands or parameters from the DataTables Documentation into the “Custom Commands” text field. You can also use certain Plugin Hooks in a custom plugin to add your own commands. See the TablePress Extensions for some examples.