Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Tables are corrupted and show “[ERROR] TABLE IS CORRUPTED”

When this error occurs, this usually means that there’s another plugin interfering with the table saving mechanism in TablePress (by hooking into the internal WordPress post saving functions). In most cases, this only affects tables with quotation marks " in the cells (e.g. as part of HTML code).

Unfortunately, this can not be fixed in TablePress, but must be fixed in the plugin that is causing this. The first step therefore is to find that plugin.
To do that, please deactivate all plugins, except TablePress, one by one. Each time, check if a newly added and edited table (that should contain quotation marks "!) still gets corrupted. Once the problem disappears, you have found the plugin that causes this problem.
One plugin that is known for this is “Outbound Link Manager”.

Once you have found the faulty plugin, you should leave that plugin deactivated, at least while you edit tables. Additionally, you should contact the developer of that plugin, and ask him to stop using the PHP function stripslashes on the entire $_POST array (which usually causes this). Also, it would be nice if you could notify me about your findings, via the WordPress Support Forums.

The next step would then be to restore the corrupted table. If it’s just a very small table, you could just re-create it from scratch. Otherwise, it’s the easiest to import it again from a file, if you have one. If you don’t, we can try to restore it from an old revision of the table, which could still exist in the database.
For that, please contact me directly via email ( with the details to a temporary admin account to your site. I’ll then assist in restoring the table.