Table Row Order

This is a Premium Extension for TablePress. Supporting and developing it is a lot of work.
To allow me to offer Extensions in the future, please consider a donation. The recommended amount for this Extension is $12. Thank you.

For some tables, it can be useful to show the rows in random, reversed, or sorted order each time. This is possible with the Table Row Order Extension.

Just install and activate it like a regular WordPress plugin and change your table’s Shortcode from something like

[table id=123 /]


[table id=123 row_order=reverse /]

for reverse order, or to

[table id=123 row_order=random /]

for random order, or to

[table id=123 row_order=sort row_order_sort_column=A row_order_sort_direction=DESC /]

for sorted order (in this case in descending order, sorted on column A (the first column)).