Table Row Order

This is a Premium Extension for TablePress.
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For some tables, it can be useful to show the rows in random, reversed, sorted, or manually chosen order each time. This is possible with the Table Row Order Extension.

To use this, download, install, and activate the Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. Then, on the page where you want to show the table, insert the extended Shortcode according to the desired row order:

Reversed order

To show a table in reversed order, use the Shortcode

[table id=123 row_order=reverse /]

and change the 123 to the desired table ID.

Random order

To show the rows of a table in random order, use the Shortcode

[table id=123 row_order=random /]

Sorted order

To show the table pre-sorted by a desired column, use the Shortcode

[table id=123 row_order=sort row_order_sort_column=A row_order_sort_direction=DESC /]

Using the parameters row_order_sort_column and row_order_sort_direction you can define the column that shall be sorted and the sorting direction (ASC for ascending or DESC for descending order).

Manual row order

To show specific rows of a table in a desired order, you can use the Shortcode

[table id=123 row_order=manual row_order_manual_order="5,2,8-12" /]

The parameter row_order_manual_order can be used to define the rows that shall be shown and their order, as a comma-separated list and as ranges of rows. In addition, the values all for all table rows in their original order, and reverse for all table rows in reversed order are possible.