Upcoming: TablePress 1.5

Please note: This post has been superseded by the TablePress 1.5 release announcement. Thanks to all beta testers who helped making this a great release!

Almost half a year has passed since TablePress 1.4 was released. That doesn’t mean that the plugin was not actively developed during those six months, of course! With great pleasure, I’d like to announce that TablePress 1.5 is just around the corner. The new version will ship with some nice new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
It is due in about a week or so, but to get there, I need your help: To make sure that the new features work for everybody and that the other changes don’t break anything, I’d like to get as much feedback on the new version as possible.

Changes in the upcoming release of TablePress 1.5 include:

  • Full compatibility with WordPress 4.0
  • Feature: Support for the new Media Manager when inserting images
  • Feature: Support for the integrated WP importer/exporter
  • Bugfix: The “Insert Link” dialog in the “Advanced Editor” works now.
  • Bugfix: The HTML export creates valid HTML files now.
  • Enhancement: Tables are now stored with extra information about the format, so that other plugins are less likely to break it.
  • Extended unit tests for the plugin and some external libraries.
  • Updated external libraries (CodeMirror, DataTables, Build tools).
  • Added Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated several translations (English, German).
  • Added and updated more language files for the DataTables library.
  • TablePress 1.5 requires WordPress 4.0!

Of those changes, the update of the DataTables JavaScript library is probably the change that needs the most testing. As some of the internal functions of that library were altered, TablePress will apply some automatic adjustments and modifications during the plugin update. For example, “Custom Commands” that a user might have added to a table will be updated to a new format automatically.

To test this and the other changes, I’d like to invite you to download TablePress 1.5-beta and test it on a development or staging site. (Unless you are adventurous, please don’t yet install it on a production server, before it’s not completely polished.) I’d also like to invite all translators to update the translation files for their language. There are only a few string changes, but some translations have not been updated in a while. Also, if someone wants to jump in and translate TablePress to a new language, this is a great time!

If you think you’ve found a bug, if something is not working as expected, or if the new version breaks something on your site, please don’t hesitate to notify me: Either email me, ping @TablePress on Twitter, or post in the WordPress support forums.

Thank you very much for your continued support! Let’s make TablePress 1.5 the best release yet!