The Shortcode [table-info id=N /]

The Shortcode

[table-info id=N field=<field-name> /]Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

can be used to display table meta data in a post, page, or text widget.

The Shortcode has three parameters:

id (string) (required)
The ID of the table that has the Custom Data Field
field (string) (required)
The name of a meta field (see below)
only possible value: raw. Only applies to the default field last_modified and will return the raw datetime format instead of the pretty string.

Possible values for field are:

The name of the table with ID id
The description of the table with ID id
The time of the last modification of the table with ID id, if the format parameter is set to raw, a datetime string will be returned, otherwise a pretty string. The format human can be used to show a text like “5 hours ago”, the format values date and time show just the date or time of the last modification, respectively.
The author who last modified the table with ID id

Example of three Shortcodes in action (i.e. in a post or on a page near a table):

The table [table-info id=2 field=name /] was last modified at [table-info id=2 field=last_modified format=raw /] by [table-info id=2 field=last_editor /].Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

will produce something similar to

The table Demo Table was last modified at 2022-12-20 15:20:21 by TobiasBg.Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

There’s a also a Template Tag Function for this Shortcode available:

<?php tablepress_table_info( 'id=1&field=name' ); ?>Code language: PHP (php)

It works exactly like the Template Tag Function, with the parameters from this section.