Remove Edit Link

Users who are logged-in into WordPress, and who have the necessary access rights to edit a table, will see a small “Edit” link below every table that is shown on the site. This link allows them to get to the “Edit” screen very quickly. At the same time, users who are not logged-in (like regular site visitors) or users without sufficient access rights will never see this link, as they are not allowed to edit tables.

However, some people still want to remove the “Edit” link for all users, including themselves. That’s what this Extension does. To use it, just install and activate it like a regular WordPress plugin. After that, no user will see an “Edit” link below a table. (Don’t forget that this will not prevent them from editing tables! They can still go to the “Edit” screen via the WordPress Dashboard. To prevent users from editing tables, you’ll need to remove the corresponding capability from their user role, e.g. with a plugin like Members.)