DataTables ColumnFilterWidgets

This is a Premium Extension for TablePress. Supporting and developing it is a lot of work.
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The DataTables JavaScript library has a ColumnFilterWidgets plugin that allows to add filtering dropdown boxes above the table. Each column will get a select box with all possible values from that column.

To use this in your tables, download, install, and activate this Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. Then change your table’s Shortcode from something like

[table id=123 /]


[table id=123 datatables_columnfilterwidgets=true /]

If you don’t want a dropdown for every column, you can add another parameter to the Shortcode, with a comma separated list of columns, like

[table id=123 datatables_columnfilterwidgets=true datatables_columnfilterwidgets_exclude_columns=2,3,4 /]

This would add a select box for all columns, except columns 2, 3, and 4. Note that the column numbers here are meant without those columns that are hidden on the “Edit” screen of the table, i.e. only columns that are visible in the table should be counted when determining the column numbers.

To set a limit on the number of allowed selections per dropthisdown box, add this parameter:

[table id=123 datatables_columnfilterwidgets=true datatables_columnfilterwidgets_max_selections=1 /]

With that, only one value can be selected from each drop down at a time. It would have to be removed by the visitor, before he can select another one.