DataTables FixedHeader

The DataTables JavaScript library has a FixedHeader plugin that ensures that column titles will remain always visible on a table, even when a user scrolls down a table. This is very useful for long tables, where the head row will then be fixed at the top of the browser window.

To use this in your tables, download, install, and activate this Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. Then change your table’s Shortcode from something like

[table id=123 /]


[table id=123 datatables_fixedheader="top" /]

The value “top” indicates, that the head row shall be fixed. Other possible values are “bottom” for the foot row, and “left” and “right” for the left and right columns. These can also be combined, as a comma separated list. For example, “top,bottom” would fix the table head and the table foot row.

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Note: If you want to use this Extension together with the “DataTables TableTools” Extension, please use the DataTables TableTools and DataTables FixedHeader Extension instead.