TablePress reception and reviews

TablePress hasn’t even reached 10,000 downloads yet (it’s getting close :-) ), but there’ve been some nice mentions, tutorials, and reviews already. Here’s a short list of posts that I’ve seen so far.

The ManageWP Blog features an interview with me about the motivation behind replacing WP-Table Reloaded with TablePress. Besides that, TablePress has been added to their Top 100 Free WordPress Plugins of the Year list, and even to the personal Top Ten of the blog’s editor Tom Ewer. (Oh, and the table in that post has been created with TablePress, too. :-) )
BeginWP also features a nice tutorial about TablePress.

German WordPress users can read an introduction note about TablePress, too. The funkygog Blog shows their result of switching. [Update, 01/09/2013:] Another accurate and detailed review has appeared in the German dr.web magazine.[/Update]

TablePress has also been mentioned on a Russian web development blog and in a French introduction post.

First reviews and opinions on Twitter are also encouraging:

Tweet on 12/23/2012 by @smashingmag
Tweet on 12/23/2012 by @mattkoltermann
Tweet on 12/30/2012 by @BridieMacdonald

Thanks to everybody for giving TablePress such a great start!