DataTables TableTools

This Extension has been retired and is now outdated!
The DataTables TableTools Extension is now deprecated. It has been replaced with the DataTables Buttons Extension and will therefore no longer receive updates. Please don’t use it for new projects and switch to the new Extension instead!
This is a Premium Extension for TablePress. Supporting and developing it is a lot of work.
To allow me to offer Extensions in the future, please consider a donation. The recommended amount for this Extension is $11. Thank you.

The DataTables TableTools are an add-on for the DataTables JavaScript library, that is already used in TablePress for the sorting, filtering, and pagination functionality. This add-on can add even more functions to a table, like “Copy to Clipboard”, “Save to PDF”, “Save to Excel”, “Save to CSV”, and a “Print View”.

To use this in your tables, download, install, and activate this Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. Then change your table’s Shortcode from something like

[table id=123 /]


[table id=123 datatables_tabletools="true" /]