Audio Player in table cells

Please note: This Extension is deprecated! That is because the “Audio Player” plugin is no longer necessary, as WordPress has direct support for embedding music and videos since WordPress 3.6. Instead of using the plugin, you should use these core features, which don’t require an extra Extension to work in tables.
Thus, it is recommended to directly use the [audio] Shortcode that WordPress now offers. To make that work, it is necessary to turn off table output caching for tables that have the [audio] Shortcode in them, by extending the TablePress Shortcode to

[table id=123 cache_table_output=false /]

The popular Audio Player plugin, that can add a media player to WordPress, doesn’t use the regular WordPress Shortcode API. Due to that, its Shortcodes do not work in table cells out of the box.

To make them work, just install and activate this Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. The Shortcodes of the Audio Player plugin can then be used in tables.

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