DataTables TableTools

This is a Premium Extension for TablePress. Supporting and developing it is a lot of work.
To allow me to offer Extensions in the future, please consider a donation. The recommended amount for this Extension is $9. Thank you.

The DataTables TableTools are an add-on for the DataTables JavaScript library, that is already used in TablePress for the sorting, filtering, and pagination functionality. This add-on can add even more functions to a table, like “Copy to Clipboard”, “Save to PDF”, “Save to Excel”, “Save to CSV”, and a “Print View”.

To use this in your tables, download, install, and activate this Extension like a regular WordPress plugin. Then change your table’s Shortcode from something like

[table id=123 /]


[table id=123 datatables_tabletools="true" /]

Note: If you want to use this Extension together with the “DataTables FixedHeader” Extension, please use the DataTables TableTools and DataTables FixedHeader Extension instead.